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Cam model

Let’s assume you have indeed thought of ways to generate more income as a cam model: boosting your social media, hosting exclusive shows, etc. These things work perfectly when you have loyal followers, but do you really know how to satisfy existing fans and receive new ones?

Most cam models focus on getting users to their room instead of making a polished profile that can effectively convert them into fans. The formula of success is simple: ensure it will be love at first sight when a user goes through your profile. Moreover, improving your profile can save you tons of time in the future. Hundreds of questions devoted to your kinks, tastes and even color of shoes you have can be easily answered by directing users to explore your profile.

First Things First

Believe it or not, your average user doesn’t like spending time browsing through thousands of models. When they log on, they look for the simplest solution — finding someone who meets their fantasies. While you may be endlessly engaging and have many talents, the average new user will be on your page for just a few moments. A well-crafted profile is the easiest way to show them you have what they want.




Make Your Profile Consistent

All users have different behavior, tastes, preferences and even fetishes. You never know which part of your profile will drive a user to follow you, so try to give him as much information as you can. Everything, including language, age, body type, hair, subculture and even eye color matter.

When a user explores a site to find a model with specific characteristics, they should see your photo echoing those criteria, not merely noticing how sexy you are. Don’t skip on your story, either. A compelling profile can bring you hundreds of users, even while you are offline.

Make Your Content Versatile

A profile is a window into your life. Interact with your users by sharing the right mix of your solo videos and outdoor pics. Offer them an option to create a video or photo on their request. By doing this, you are showing potential fans that you are a real person, as well as a fantasy.

Quality or quantity? Softcore or hardcore? Do it yourself or hire professionals? Keep in mind that trends are always changing. Even during the recent quarantine, users started changing their preferences, giving an advantage to the beauty they see on amateur photos and videos instead of classic editorial professional shoots.

To summarize, there are fans of HD quality pieces and those who prefer broadcasting/content from mobile phones. There are also fetishists, glamour fans and girl-next-door lovers.

Sharing parts of your life also helps fans identify common interests, making them even more curious about you. At this point, they’ll become eager to see the content that’s not freely given.

Consider, for example, Stripchat’s “Fun Clubs” feature, a paid subscription service for users. It offers models some passive income in exchange for multiple advantages given to subscribers, like access to exclusive content or private messaging models, to name a few.

Checklist for Polishing Your Profile

To help make sure your profile accurately includes all your talents and assets, I recommend the following:

  • Add a few photos. Using a horizontal high-quality image as the main one will give you more options to highlight your best parts in a user-friendly manner. However, do not focus on professional photos only. Try showing the “real you” by adding a few selfies and highlighting that you are not only a webcam model, but an attractive girl searching for fun.
  • Accurately fill out your characteristics (age, body type, languages, etc.) – they can help your profile get found in multiple categories on a site.
  • Include exciting text about you and your lifestyle. Make sure to talk about your interests and preferences; try to make it clear to a user that not only viewing, but chatting with you will be a great experience.
  • Have an away message, for when you’re offline. For instance, leaving an open invitation along with your next showtime, or something encouraging users to follow you by promising something special during your next online date. Have you bought a new set of underwear? Sounds like an exciting topic to explore together.
  • Provide high-quality photos and videos. With at least one free, attractive pic, a user will get curious about the rest. And after your follower base grows, you can start sharing paid exclusive content. You will find out which types of photos, either full body or headshot, cosplay or regular, work better for you by experimenting and getting users’ feedback.
  • Display a tip menu. You never know what exactly attracts users, so offer multiple options available during your show. Make sure to give options for every taste and budget. Plus, don’t forget to specify a time zone for your next broadcast, so users can plan their time with you.
  • Include links to all your social media. A profile isn’t just about your life on a cam platform, it can provide ways for fans to interact with you even when you’re not on cam. Give them multiple ways to follow you by posting the links to your sites and social media on your profile or your away message.

More food for thought: a recent statistic shows that users are more likely to use mobile devices for watching cam nowadays, so it becomes essential to ensure that the content you publish is mobile-responsive (Stripchat, for instance, delivers your broadcast and content in the highest quality, no matter which device is in a user’s hands – in the meantime, you can easily collect and publish all your content in one customizable profile via the native models’ dashboard).

Remember, your profile is one of the first ways you connect, and can continue connecting, with your fans. Just as surely as you make your content with love, make sure your profile gives users all the tools and information they need to fall in love with you.

Max Bennet is the VP of New Media for Stripchat. Visit to learn more about the innovative camming platform.

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