Can I be a webcam model without showing my face?

Can I be a webcam model without showing my face? Yes, absolutely. But there are also disadvantages

Yes, there are many webcam modeling sites that allow models to perform without showing their face. But many sites also don’t allow covering your face.

So, you have to find a cam site which allows you to perform covering your face as well as it has high paying traffic.

Pros and cons of working webcam model in a mask

Technically, you can. However, you would be severely limiting yourself as well as your income potential if you were to try to. Despite what you may think, people go to cam sites for the interaction, and they tend to have a few favorite models that they actually spend a significant amount of time with. They get to know them, talk with them, and get a feel for them that they can’t get with regular more. The whole experience is more dynamic. If you don’t show your face, how are you going to keep people interested enough to stay in your room? You don’t want to just sit there, talking with your breasts exposed, giving a free show. You want to engage with your audience.

Basically, if you don’t want to show your face, yet still want to have a chance of doing well, you will really need something quite unique and generally amazing to keep your audience from finding another model. Remember, these people don’t just want to watch a model, they want to interact with the model. Webcam models that interact with their audience make a lot more than models who just give them something to watch.

It`s Possible To Cam While Wearing Masks

If you are still dead set on not showing your face, and still want to try being a webcam model, you might be find some success with a mask. However, some cam sites don’t allow their models to wear masks, or they may want you to get approval for the mask before you use it in a show. This may seem overly controlling, but there is a perfectly good reason for this. To be a webcam model, you need to verify your identity. If you wear a mask, nobody knows that the person behind the mask has been through the verification process. This also serves the purpose of ensuring that all models are at least 18 years old. So if you do decide you want to try a mask, make sure you check with your cam site first.

That being said, using masks will definitely work better for certain niches, such as BSDM and other fetishes. Perhaps a cute mask will work as well for a softer, more vanilla show. You just have to find what works, and make sure that it is allowed.

Cheap masks masquerade and bdsm view –

A model who always works in a mask.

*photo taken from the site (name model-donttouchmask)

Wings Are Also a Solution for Cam models

Wigs may be a better option. They don’t hide your face, but they can make for a decent disguise while still not breaking any of the rules. I’d recommend getting a decent quality wig, however. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on one, but a cheap Halloween wig will mostly likely not do.

Сheap natural women’s wigs view –

Webcam sites that allow Cam models to work in a mask and wig.

If you want to join web sites that allow you to work in a mask and wig, here is a list and links to register as a model. The list is given in order of the best conditions for working with webcam models.

Chaturbateregister as a model

BongaCamsregister as a model

LiveJasminregister as a model

Imliveregister as a model

CamSoda register as a model



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