Adult Webcam Industry Branding,Marketing,Promotion

Adult Webcam Industry Branding,Marketing,Promotion
Adult Webcam Industry Branding,Marketing,Promotion

Branding, Marketing, Advertising, and Promotions are important as a cam model and pornstar

The name of the game as a cam model, clip producer, pornstar, or fan club operator is to generate revenue with minimal overhead. Unfortunately, you are going to have to invest for essential items you need to operate, however there are plenty of ways to promote, market, brand and advertise for free or very inexpensively. Here are 10 FREE ways to accomplish getting more traffic to your profiles, websites and cam room.

BongaCams Model
BongaCams Model

Create a profile on FreeOnes

Create a profile on FreeOnes. FreeOnes is a website that has been around for a long time, is a reliable and trusted website and has a ton of adult traffic. You are able to upload links, free galleries from your website and have others vote on your profile for the various contests they have.

Utilize SoundCloud for exposure

Upload FREE audio samples to sites like SoundCloud. Offering free erotic samples or even just you talking about random things can be a great way to get listeners to gain interest in you.

Gain traction using your writing skills

Write an E-Book and sell it on sites like Amazon. Whether you are sharing your unique story, or giving advice to other women interested in getting into the adult entertainment industry, an E-Book is an excellent way to get exposure. The awesome upside is that the traffic is not limited to adult sites so you are appealing to a much larger audience.

BongaCams Models
BongaCams Models

Grow your network

Reach out to your affiliates and fan promoter/supporters with custom content you create. There are tons of affiliates seeking custom content from webcam performers, solo & multi-girl sites, and other adult profiles that would be stoked to have you provide customized content for them to promote you!

Get prepared with a Media Kit

Create a media kit for yourself. A media kit is simply a PDF with your bio and links to articles you have written, interviews you have done, and other details about your adult entertainment career. Include links to social media and your website(s) as well! Also include a few SFW photos.

Build your brand with guest appearances

Reach out to online podcasts, magazines and other media and offer to be a guest. Media companies with online content are always looking for guests to appear on their radio shows, in their magazines or on their YouTube channels. (This is where having a media kit comes in useful as they can see your bio and create a topic and questions based on the information you provide. Also, you will have the photos they will request to promote your appearance in the kid already!)

Use tube sites to your advantage

Try Tube Site submissions. For many of us old schoolers, the “tube site” phrase causes cringing, but if you can’t beat them join them right? Well, sorta. Submit your promo material to sites using strong keywords and use the traffic to drive more followers, viewers and subscribers to your profiles and sites!

Try something a little different with Yelp

Create a SFW media name (like Fluffy Media) or something that doesn’t sound porny and make a Yelp profile. Do NOT use your home address! I use a PO box address (UPS STORE) as my address for my business and check in from time to time on yelp. Oddly enough it has driven a crazy amount of traffic to my social media. You will have to be careful how you funnel the traffic as YELP isn’t going to allow direct porn links but if you are creative about your linking, you can make great use of that traffic!

Use Pinterest to drive traffic

SFW pinterest is a great way to catalog your online free photos as well as get traffic funneled to your site(s) and profiles. You cannot LINK to adult content and you shouldn’t post NSFW photos, but if you creatively link your posts you will seize results.

Facebook is a surprisingly amazing source for adult traffic

bongacams models
BongaCams model

Facebook groups are still alive and great for networking and gaining traffic. Again, remember it IS Facebook therefore you will have to be SFW and link carefully but there is plenty of traffic awaiting in Facebook groups.

Learning to use SFW sites to funnel traffic to NSFW content will help build your brand!

Marketing adult content can be difficult with the censorship and banning on many sites, but this is nothing new to us! Learning to funnel SFW content and links is part of our everyday work environment. Now think outside of the box, get creative and grab the attention out there waiting! Good luck!

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