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Mishell Caramell Is The Fastest Growing Webcam Model

Mishell Caramell Anime Webcam Model
Mishell Caramell

She is the fastest growing webcam camgirl. Her fan base is growing every day at the speed of a comet. Meet. In this interview, Mishell talks about himself and his life!

Mishell Caramell
1.Tell us what inspired you to join the adult industry. Why Anime?

It seems to me that I am a little strange, in terms of, I really like the attention of men, but I am so afraid of them in real life !!! When a man comes up to me to meet on the street, I get very scared and run away, haha. This is one of the main reasons why I came to the studio and started streaming: 3 I just give this pleasure, I feel “at ease” here. Very confident and courageous, all thanks to the love of my fans! Thank them for that)

Why anime? hmm, I don’t know. My sister loves anime and we watch it together. To be honest, I like hentai better …. I have a huge collection of discs … Just ts! Do not tell anybody! This will be our secret! So what am I talking about ^-^ I like Asia, their culture, fashion, etc. I guess I just feel like a cartoon character haha.

Mishell Caramell
2.What are your favorite sites for streaming and interacting with fans? Why do you prefer those platforms?

I work on several sites, but my favorites are stripchat and chaturbate, I upload more exclusive content on them 🙂 Also, these sites have a pretty clear interface, which makes my work much easier!

Mishell Caramell model
3.How do you balance multiple revenue streams, and which ones are most lucrative for you?

– At the moment, I have only one source of income, which is donations from members on sites, but soon I will create an account for onlyfans and patreon, for closer communication with the audience. There you can send voice messages and make signals, it’s very nice. I also love taking pictures and shooting various videos, I would like my work to be seen by the whole world: 3 that is why I will develop towards exclusive content more.

4.Where can fans find you on Twitter and Instagram?

Hehe, my Instagram Nickname is MishellCaramell, I haven’t started Twitter yet, but I think the nickname there will be exactly the same

Model Mishell Caramell
5.Do you have many suits? What’s your favorite?

I HAVE SOOOOO MANY SUITS !!! MY LOVE – SUITS !!!! I used to work as a make-up artist and I won’t say that it was my worst job, but again, I had few clients, mostly, they were my friends and relatives, because I am very afraid of people. I think that it did not bring me much pleasure because I wanted to experiment more with my appearance, and not with other people. Fun fact – every month I order at least 4 suits for myself. Soon I will even do my first cosplay, I guess you can’t talk about it, ahaha, this will be our second secret. My favorite outfit is the maid outfit, I love this cute pink apron with bows 🙂

Mishell Caramell Model
6.What other stars do you consider friends or role models in the industry?

– Earlier, I talked a lot with different models and tried to make friends with them, but this is a bad option, because firstly, you don’t need to steal other people’s chips, your personality is the best that can be for your fans, and secondly, in our industry a lot of angry people: (once I corresponded with one, at first glance, a very nice guy, he helped me adjust the picture a little, later he said that I should pay him with sex, I, of course, refused him this, for which he poured me a huge amount of insults 🙁 and threatened me with various bad and unpleasant things.

Also, in our industry there are sooooo many people who do not want to communicate with you, they want to make money from you, only because of this you arouse their interest. However, I still found one wonderful, MY FAVORITE friend-webcam model. She is very, very kind and the most amazing !!! I know she is reading this now. Just know that I love you !!!!

Mishell Caramell Anime Model cams
7.Describe the “Mishel Caramel” brand, as far as your vibe, aesthetic and unique interests.

– I think I have a unique vibe, when members come to me, usually in their first donate they write messages like “wow”, haha. I have an interesting appearance, I really look like a porcelain doll, it seems to me that they are not like looking at a real person, but watching some kind of Disney cartoon with a princess that evokes super positive and pleasant emotions, like the first school love.

But this is purely outwardly and at first glance, later they see my body, which is non-standard, perhaps it can be called the type of Kim Kardashian, that is, very feminine forms, I think that at this moment they feel wild excitement, a desire for something more animal , hehe. Further, they hear my voice (I often sing on streams) and become completely overwhelmed.

But at the same time everyone, I am real, individual, I have a strange funny laugh, haha, I can eat on the stream, dance or do anything else, whatever I like. I don’t really bother about “what will he think of me”, I don’t depend on donations and don’t try to be beautiful, I just enjoy the process itself. Because of this, I have a very attractive, slightly magical energy, they often write to me that I seem to be hypnotizing with my own eyes.

Mishell Caramell Anime Model
8.How do you see your ideal fan?

You know, in terms of love, I’m a very naive girl. In my ideal fan I am looking for a partner with whom we will love each other, although the relationship is peculiar, but I will try to give him everything that I can. He must love me in return, also enlighten his part of his life, be generous, kind, support me and treat me with respect

9.What do you think your potential audience is?

I don’t know haha. People who like girls? I don’t think I have a specific type of audience. Anyone can become my fan, regardless of country of residence, gender, age, etc. I love absolutely all people 🙂

10.The Final Question: Any big goals for what’s next in 2020, professionally and personally?

– I have to fuck this damn world ! 🙂

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