Chaturbate vs Livejasmin Which is your favorite?

chaturbate or livejasmin
Chaturbate VS Livejasmin

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Chaturbate or LiveJasmin

Livejasmin and Chaturbate are one of the elite pages of the webcam industry. Each with a very different style, with a different business model, but both are dedicated to entertaining and seeking interaction between users.

These platforms have a long history in the industry and each one has managed to innovate to offer the models a safe space that generates good profits and that there is always a good amount of traffic.

Next, we will make a comparison of each web page to show their strengths and weaknesses. Which you choose?  


I started as a live chat system long before the adult webcams came out. When the industry was growing and the webcam became a boom, the platform evolves and becomes a web page with a refined style with beautiful women.


As it grew, it became more demanding and imposes, both on studies, as on models, improvements in Internet speed, image quality and professional photography. All this with the aim of maintaining a glamorous style with sexy and erotic models.

So far Livejasmin has 396 million monthly visits.


Start with the goal of imitating a strip club, but in the virtual world. During the first 3 years of the platform it was belittled by the fact that anyone could watch a transmission for free. Many came to think that the website would not compete with exclusive webcam models.

Until today, the traffic of this website is in the 350 million monthly visits and continues to grow. It has become a direct competition from other platforms and is taken into account as one of the industry’s pioneers. All this despite not handling the same strategy as Livejasmin for example.

Show cost on each page:

The two webcam platforms are almost at par in a matter of costs. If you compare the price of tokens or credits on each page, the two are in a similar range. In the case of chaturbate, it is usually a little cheaper when it comes to shows in couples or groups.


In both pages a prepaid system is managed where you must buy tokens or credits to enjoy an exclusive show. Although Livejasmin handles an image of more glamorous and sexy models, the two transmission platforms agree on the same model quality. The only difference is that in Chaturbate you can appreciate in more detail the talents of a camgirl and that perhaps it could be less physically demanding for the model.

Strengths and weaknesses of Livejasmin


Livejasmin offers users a variety of attractive models. It reflects a sensual, elegant and erotic woman. At the time of entering the page and transmits glamor, so it makes its main target is men with more purchasing power.

Its usability has nothing to envy to any other page. As for the model, she can sit quietly, looking sensual and attractive waiting for a private. Another interesting advantage of Livejasmin is that its technical support team responds quickly to provide help.



The main weakness of this platform is that it is limited to only women and transsexuals. 

It is very demanding with the theme of Internet quality and image, it can even prohibit the model from transmitting without reaching the level requested by the page.

A good level of English is mandatory on the page and although it has an audience with high possibilities of paying any amount, the model must strive enough to generate good profits compared to other webcam pages. 

Many times, what is shown in the “free” is not the same in the private and this can cause disappointment in users.


Strengths and weaknesses of Chaturbate


It is a page that is characterized by having good traffic despite Livejasmin beating him on this issue. Handles a wide variety of content by being more open in the categories. He not only has female and transgender models, but also men regardless of their sexual orientation.

Chaturbate has no limits with what is done in the transmissions, however, it has rules to guarantee the well-being and enjoyment of all and a model a model can be banned from having breached any. It becomes a more tolerant platform when it comes to the image quality and appearance of the model, although it also shows camgirls in an attractive way with a particular style.


The usability of the website by mobile is still a bit complicated, other transmission pages have an advantage in this area. Private shows may vary in quality and the models have standards, so their focus is on open transmissions.

Many times for being a page of open rooms, there can be a lot of traffic in the room, but the profits are not so great in comparison to the amount of people that enter. Everything will depend in both cases on the development, discipline and creativity of the model.

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