Real women are losing the war on virtual avatars

Real women (camgirls) are losing the war on virtual avatars (Projekt Melody) + Video

Good day, you are and today we will tell you about the single media project ( ) , which made several dozen (if not more) representatives of profession to emit a scream that could feel any Jedi in the galaxy.

If the right (or both if you are Ambidextrous) arm is pretty muscular, I think you don’t need to explain the existence of different kinds of venues with live broadcasts, which are created by the lewdness, right? 

Just start with the fact that one day on the main page Chaturbate hung preview “most popular” broadcasts, where the first place took the Melody from Projekt Melody — virtual anime-avatar leading the broadcast of VRChat.

In fact, it’s pretty simple — Mel is a real girl (at least as far as we know). Received accreditation from the administrators Chaturbate (which requires confirmation like the fact that the model is legit and not going to break the rules of the site), just a little plot-twist — she stream, using a virtual reality helmet with full body tracking.

Before she broke through to the main page of Chaturbate, it was relatively easy, especially given the fact that stromile virtual model on the website at that time only 3 days. But it was worth it to be on the first place among the other girls, as from behind the mountains roar was heard.

Honest, hard-working employee (camgirls) Chaturbate began to complain on the Twitter account of the company, expressing their dissatisfaction with what carelessness CB looks at his real employees.

Wow, @chaturbate, it has already earned 20 thousand tokens and it looks 15 thousand people! Great work, some kind of toon is now more successful than REAL people on Chaturbate

I saw her yesterday. Anything they (CB) from last time have not learned. If they want to arrange something like that, let them create a separate platform and not force us THESE models to compete with that.

Will also speak. People need to take breaks and relax. Computer-generated cartoon can be broadcast all day, every day, with some voice recording in the background to make it imitate a human. We, the people killed for the sake of you.

I’m trying to work and I have to compete with that? @chaturbate, what the fuck, I didn’t know what you’re trying to lure children on this website! I’ll go with CB if it continues…why don’t you help the real models!? I’ve been working here 5 years!

Of course the culture of the people on Twitter answered these prostitutes accordingly.

Why are you so mad that people want to try something new?

Not trying to breed here drama, but you probably don’t understand how this is difficult to do. It was created for the market of people who love anime and Internet culture. She’s not trying to eliminate. If you feel inferior, that’s your business. DigitrevX, the author of the original model for Projekt Melody

I love the future.

These complaints revealed two problems — first is the rampant illiteracy “of the professional webcam models”, and secondly that they have lived for the past 4 years in the cave, and had not even heard about such things as VRChat or, God forbid, Vtuber. About the claims about “underage” models I will not mention — CB in this case is extremely strict about age was employees.

Which brings us to an interesting question — just how virtual the youtubers carved out a share in the market of video and virtual Cam show now can do something similar with the porn industry. I, as the person who is in close contact with any things regarding porn, I can truly say that Chalk is just the tip of the iceberg — its model is simple-minded, the system of the motion capture is poor, but in the depths of the private rooms VRChat has entire forge content, where people under the cover of night to exchange high quality models with special sets of erotic gestures-animations, a few heads higher than those that can offer the Chalk, which most of the time just to dance, moaning and trying to masturbate, which she sometimes hand lost inside the torso. But, for a moment — as we have seen, even that was enough to get to the top.

If Projekt Melody will move on, the virtual women don’t just take part of the bread for real models — they simply crush.

And may be soon we will live even without double standards.


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