We-Vibe Presents ‘Chorus’ Couples Vibe With Intuitive Remote Control

we-vibe chorus
Chorus we-vibe

We-Vibe has unveiled a new couples’ vibrator, We-Vibe Chorus, featuring an “intuitive Squeeze Remote” with responsive Touch-sense technology. Retailers worldwide can pre-order Chorus now from an authorized WOW Tech distributor.

“Our focus in creating We-Vibe Chorus was to bring couples a more intuitive, smarter pleasure experience,” says We-Vibe brand manager, Stephanie Keating. “Chorus’ new Squeeze Remote translates a simple, natural gesture — a squeeze — into more pleasure. The new Touch-sense feature uses advanced sensors to respond to body movements in the moment. And, our new AnkorLink technology ensures couples never lose connection.”  

Chorus’ Squeeze Remote allows users to control the toy by squeezing the remote — the tighter the squeeze, the stronger the vibration. Releasing the grip reduces the vibration. The Squeeze Remote also features standard buttons to change modes or adjust the intensity. 

The device also features unique touch-sensitive receptors that allow body movements to control the vibrations. When paired to the We-Connect app, Touch-sense offers three different modes. When a couple touches or moves against the sensor, the vibration changes.   

Chorus is the first We-Vibe product powered with AnkorLink technology. AnkorLink creates a stable connection between Chorus and the We-Connect app and makes sure the signal never drops off in the heat of the moment. AnkorLink enhances the traditional Bluetooth connection by bypassing current Bluetooth connectivity challenges created by the water content of the human body. The Squeeze Remote is the anchor between Chorus and We-Connect and should be kept close by for the best connection, the company said. 

Chorus is adjustable to allow for a custom fit. There are two adjustable points to better target the G-spot and clitoris with more or less pressure. Chorus fits in place, including when changing positions during sex. Waterproof and rechargeable, Chorus charges in 90 minutes, for up to two hours of play. 

We-Vibe Chorus retails for $199 MSRP, comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and is available in three colors — Purple, Cosmic Pink and Blue.

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