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Best Cam Sites: What Are The Top Sex Chat Sites?

Topsexchats is a review site focusing on the best cam sites. We pull together the best chat sites and sift through them in detail making sure you don’t need to go anywhere else for in-depth unbiased reviews.

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With every one of our ’rundown reviews’, we go into specific details on what each cam service provides and why you might want to choose it. This means you can feel happy knowing that you’re not wasting time with sex cam sites that don’t give you exactly what you’re looking for.


Why Are These The Best Cam Sites right now?


Don’t for a second think that every cam site is the same… We can assure they aren’t. After reviewing 72 sites and spending hours on each. These are the top rated by far for the following reasons:


  • Very easy to use making it an enjoyable experience
  • Great selection of models/performers
  • Simple payment system to participate in chat rooms
  • Awesome support


What some of the top cam sites offer


Who wouldn’t like to get down and dirty with some hot smoking ladies at the end of a long tiring work day? Sometimes, maybe all you want is to enjoy a relaxed Saturday morning indoors in front of your laptop donning nothing but your favorite pair of boxers or hey, maybe none at all.

That’s just the beauty of adult chat sites, they allow you to immerse yourself in a universe where you are surrounded by nothing else other than hot, horny chicks.

And it’s not just chicks only, you get to choose your poison from a wild array of options. Are you into flasher boys? Transsexuals? Smoking hot naughty college girls? Older more mature women? Sexy model-like girls? Fetish queens? Maybe you’re a watcher who prefers seeing couples getting hot and steamy in a threesome.

You could even be interested in exotic chicks from Romania, Colombia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Africa, and the likes. Whatever it is that you are looking for, rest assured that there is an adult chat site that shall cater to your desires to satisfaction.


Webcam Site Of The Month Editor’s Choice

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Why Adult Cam Sites are Rated Better than Porn Sites

As opposed to ordinary porn sites, with live webcam sites you get to be an active participant in the steamy sex session.

However you get your jollies, however wild your fantasies and fetishes may be, you will get EXACTLY what you want.

As a matter of fact, there are specific fetish chat sites out there that allow you to unleash your deepest, darkest animalistic desires.

All adult cam sites, including the free chat sites, are designed to give you a thrilling experience. Expect some heavily NSFW acts performed to your pleasure and guaranteed to make you get that release you need.

The shows can be performed either in public (known as group chats) or in privacy (known as private or exclusive chats). As previously mentioned, when it comes to adult chat sites there are absolutely no limits whatsoever!

Porn videos are pretty amazing and you can learn a thing or two from them, like knowing how to eat a girl out or what sex positions are best for anal, but we can all agree that nothing beats the good old feeling of live sex (one on one action).

There is such a raw energy and intensity to it that entirely consumes you, making you oblivious to your surroundings. Besides, with live sex, you get to be a participant making it all the more exciting and adding to that raw sexual energy.

What Distinguishes one Webcam site from Another?

As many adult webcam reviews show, cam sites can vary in quite a number of ways, ranging for the intended audience (I.e MILF hunters) to the kinds of models available (I.e solo college girls) and even on to the types of shows available (I.e threesome sex). There are sites which allow you to watch your favorite porn star give you a private show from her studio in a live performance, know how’s that for an experience huh?

Cam sites always have high-quality support, an enjoyable user experience and most importantly, quality performers. It’s super simple to see which sites are bad.


Free vs Premium Paid Sites (which is best?)


You will come across some chat sites which market themselves as “Free“. What this means is that you can view a live webcam known as a group session.


So you’re one of dozens (maybe hundreds) of other men and women all chatting at the same time to the one model/performer.


The aim of the model is to reach a certain goal for the session, for example 200 tokens. They will perform sexy acts like sucking on a dildo, fingering themselves, playing with their breasts etc, until that goal is reached.


When the goal is reached, they will then perform the “promised” act which is far more sexual than the buildup. The best cam sites offer the free option as it’s the most common way to draw punters in.



Pro Tip: If you want to skip past registering and just join a chat room without paying a penny. Then My Free Cams is probably one of the best cam sites out there for free shows.


Free sites also have an option for private shows which is the models real money maker. But the free part is used to entice lower paying members.


Sites that don’t offer a free option, basically only cater for more premium models and clients. They charge a little extra, but you’re essentially paying for a private show or photos/videos which the model sells on their profile. This skips the group chat feature entirely. On premium sites the models wait for the highest bidder to take them into a private session.



So which is best? Deciding on which porn cam site to choose is based pretty much on your budget and how much you want to spend. Also if you prefer being alone in a cam session with a model or you like the community experience with others commenting in a chat window at the same time.



Types of Cam Sites


Adult webcam sites are developed with the intention of reaching out to all kinds of people. What kinds of chicks get your juices flowing? Indians? Ebony/blacks? Latinas? Caucasians? Asians? (Pssst… IMLive is one of the best cam sites for asians by the way.)


Do you like your girls hairy or shaven? Are you into big breasts or a huge ass? Blondes, redheads, brunettes or kinky-haired Africans? Are you into the shy quiet types or do you like your women tough and dominant? You get the idea.


There’s essentially every kind of category you could think of, all placed at your disposal to guarantee your fulfillment. Just to mention a few, which you can filter by on some of the popular sites.


  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Height
  • Sexual preference
  • Piercings
  • Tattoos
  • Body type
  • Characteristics
  • Appearance
  • Level of intimacy
  • Straight/vanilla
  • Gay cams
  • Transgender cams
  • Male/female


Just as well, you could find variations in the types of chat rooms available. There are chat room sites which further break it down into distinctions such as gay chat sites, roulette chat sites, teen chat sites etc.


Such depth is normally the major difference between an okay site and the best cam sites. The more choice you have, usually means the more popular the platform is amongst regulars.


The Best Cam Sites Should Have These Payment Options and Security Settings


Most webcam sites run on credits or tokens and as such, you would require a payment option allowing you to add credits to your account. The basic payment options will essentially be debit and credit cards as well as directs bank transfers, but they may be broken down further into:


  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • SEPA
  • Wire transfers
  • Prepaid cards
  • Online bank transfers
  • Bitcoins


Note: Some of the best adult cam sites have started to accept crypto currency, but the most popular method is credit card.


As with all of the major sites, security is paramount and something each services takes very seriously. Your credit card transaction will be encrypted with an SSL certificate and they will keep your personal details safe. Meaning they will not be shared with 3rd parties.



Safety tip: NEVER give out your credit card info to a model/performer during a live chat session. This is forbidden by all sites, which is why they use their own payment system known as tokens or credits. This keep both the model and the customer safe.



Porn Cams Show Types


Of course, it goes without saying that the show is the essence of any webcam site. Some of the best cam sites have very popular shows to choose from:


  • Group/community chat shows: You are talking to one model at a time with dozens or hundreds of other cam watchers. (Chaturbate is amazing for these shows and one of the best cam sites for amateurs).


  • Private/exclusive chat: One-on-one with the model. This will cost you more tokens per minute, but there are no other watchers… just you.


  • Party chat: A select few individuals all chatting to one or more models. Similar to group chat, but a smaller group of participants.


  • Wild adult chat: Extreme shows which cost the most. The model will put on a dedicated private for you which is pre-planned in advance.


Note: These are the most common types of chat formats that you’ll find. Some other unique formats may be available on other sites.



Aside from the various cam shows, you will also see some models using sex toys that are designed to be used in conjunction with the chat session. For example the VibraToy / OhMiBod which allows you to give the model an orgasm based on token spend or a Teledildonics sex toy that can give you a very realistic alternative to sex or a blowjob.



Webcam Rules you should follow



As with all top rated chat sites, there are some ground rules which you need to be aware of and follow the next time you’re looking to chat with a webcam model.


Rule #1: Don’t be rude when you visit chat rooms


It goes without saying that should be polite during a cam session. Don’t be rude to the model, they are only doing their job and are not your slave. They have a right to say no to any of your requests without fear of being abused.


Rule #2: Don’t give any private details


Never give your name, email, payment info, address or anything that may be considered sensitive to the model in the chat window.


Rule #3: Don’t be abusive to other members


If you’re in a group chat, don’t be rude or abusive towards other members. You could run the risk of being kicked out and reported, which could lead to a banned/blacklisted account.



Bonus rule: Respect the cam models


If you’re asking the model to do something that he/she doesn’t want to do, please respect their answer and don’t persist with asking them to do the same thing over and over. Each model will have a list of things they will and will not do, read it before camming with them.




Best Sex Cam Sites: Conclusion


Our aim is to review every cam site on the market and bring you the best ones. How we do this is by using our own internal ranking methods that help to rate each variable of a site. Everything from support and features to the quality of models and the number of active performers online.


It takes us several hours to visit, review each porn cam site and then conclude the results in the comparison table above. Each review is honest and thorough. If you think you have spotted a mistake or would like to help us improve our reviews or our best cam sites list, please contact us.

We Rank and Review the Best Adult Cam Sites

All of the cam sites we review have something to offer. The best adult cam sites are high-quality, safe, and secure. Others may not be the best for everyone, but are unique or different in their own way and worth considering. We give you unbiased, honest cam site reviews. The next step towards finding your new favorite adult cam site is just a click away – use our reviews and different categories and tools to match a site to your personal tastes. So, are you ready to get started? Why not start with the oices, ranked in order and best? Jump ahead and compare our top cam site chreviewed in vivid detail to help you choose.

Sincerely, the Topsexchats team

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